Pet Portraits in Oil

Traditional oil portraits painted on linen canvas

Price List for 2016

These are all the canvas sizes you can choose from, and their prices. If you choose not to have a detailed background, then a plain one will be painted free of charge.

The canvas I use to create portraits is made from high quality traditional linen material, which is a lot smoother than cotton canvas, and has a medium grain. The canvas can be painted on all sides because it has professional stretcher bars which means it can be framed or unframed when hung on a wall. I always paint the sides so that clients can have this choice.

Canvas Sizes;

Portrait Price ~
head or full body;

Added Price ~
per extra subject;

Added Price ~
detailed background;

12" x 10"   |   30 x 25 cm

GB £200

GB  £40

GB  £25

14" x 10"   |   35 x 25 cm

GB  £220

GB  £45

GB  £28

16" x 12"   |   40 x 30 cm

GB  £250

GB  £50

GB  £30

18" x 14"   |   45 x 35 cm

GB  £280

GB  £55

GB  £35

20" x 16"   |   50 x 40 cm

GB £325

GB  £65

GB  £40

22" x 16"   |   55 x 40 cm

GB £340

GB £70

GB  £45

24" x 18"   |   60 x 45 cm

GB  £380

GB £75

GB  £48

24" x 20"   |   60 x 50 cm

GB £400

GB £80

GB  £50

30" x 20"   |   75 x 50 cm

GB £450

GB  £90

GB  £55

30" x 24"   |   75 x 60 cm

GB £490

GB  £100

GB  £60

36" x 24"   |   90 x 60 cm

GB £540

GB £110

GB  £65

36" x 28"   |   90 x 70 cm

GB £580

GB £115

GB £70

Delivery Prices
For the UK only, delivery will cost £20 for any size of portrait. For overseas delivery it will cost more, and the options can be discussed when you are in contact with me. There are more details about delivery here. >>

Gift Vouchers
A lot of pet portraits are commissioned for special occasions like birthday and Christmas presents, so if the deadline cannot be met in time for the occasion, it can be helpful to purchase a gift voucher instead. This way the person you are buying the voucher for can decide how they would like their painting specification to be. My vouchers have no expiration date
and reminders will be sent to you every six months by email or post for two years. Please contact me for more information or look at more gift vouchers details here. >>

Payment options
Payments can be made directly through PayPal or a cheque sent through the post. Please contact me for more information. If we live reasonably near to each other then a pick-up/drop-off of portrait and payment can be arranged. If this is possible then I can also take photographs of your pet using my own digital camera if you don't have any particular photographs of your own that you want painted. A deposit is required before a portrait will be started.