Pet Portraits in Oil

Traditional oil portraits painted on linen canvas

Process of Ordering a Pet Portrait ...

Step 1 ~ Contact me
To enquire about commissioning a portrait from me, you can choose to either contact me through email, phone, text or my online form, which ever method you prefer.

All details are in the right-hand sidebar and on my contact page here. >>

During this initial contact we can discuss what you have in mind for a portrait, and your needs and your options, such as budgets and deadlines.

Step 2 ~ Send me your photos
You can choose to send me your photographs through email or the post, or if we live near enough to each other we can arrange for a pick-up or drop-off if this is easier for you. If you choose to send photos through email, then the images should be in jpeg format and preferably at a high resolution. I can easily help you with this if needed.

Once I have received your photos we can discuss the options concerning the painting, such as canvas size, a background that you might wish to include, or small details that are important to you (such as not including your pet's collar, or not including muddy paws that are in your favourite photo, etc). All details will be discussed at this stage, and more information and advice on photographs can be read here. >>



Step 3 ~ Pay a deposit
At this stage the deposit will be required so that the portrait can be started.

Payment can be made directly through PayPal, a cheque in the post, or if we're local to each other, a pickup or dropoff can be arranged.

The deposit is £50 for any size of canvas.

Step 4 ~ Your portrait will be started

The painting will be started, taking anything from 6 weeks or more to be completed depending on the size, subject number and background type.

You can watch your portrait develop stage-by-stage on my blog or I can send you updates through email if you prefer.


Step 5 ~ Portrait completion
Once the painting is complete you will be contacted by me with an image of the finished work, so that you can make any changes if you wish and decide if you are completely happy with it.

The painting will then be safely left to dry upon your approval.

The remainder of the cost, minus the deposit, will be required at this stage, before the
painting is sent.


Step 6 ~ Packaged and posted to you
Your painting will be safely packaged and posted to you. Photographs will be returned in the same package as your painting, if applicable, as well as an invoice, and a care advice leaflet. Read more about the delivery here. >>

If you would like to commission me to paint your pet in oils on canvas, or have any questions to ask, please feel free to contact me at any time for a quick response. Contact >>