Pet Portraits in Oil

Traditional oil portraits painted on linen canvas

Gift Vouchers ...

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Why choose a gift voucher
My vouchers are the perfect gift to present to friends or family if you don't have much time left before a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary or Christmas. The vouchers are fully customizable, meaning you can choose to send them directly to someone else (through the post), or they can be sent straight to you and you can present it to them yourself. Once the voucher has been received, the recipient can choose their own photograph that they want painted, they can top up the amount on the voucher, and best of all, there is no expiration date so they won’t have to feel rushed when making their choices.

Personalize a voucher
When purchasing a voucher, there are a few choices that you can make to personalize your gift so that the recipient receives it in the easiest way possible. First you would need to decide whether you want the voucher sent straight to you (so you can personally give it to someone and write your own message) or it can be sent directly to the recipient. You would then need to decide if you want the voucher sent through the post or through email (obviously the email option would only be recommended if the voucher was being sent straight to the recipient). The final option would be choosing whether to have a pre-written message (of your choice) printed on the card included, or to have the card left blank for you to write your own personal message.

What the voucher package will include
As well as the actual voucher, the whole package will include a help leaflet telling the recipient what to do next, one of my business cards, an envelope with the recipients name on it, and a delivery envelope with either your name and address on it or the recipient’s name and address.