Pet Portraits in Oil

Traditional oil portraits painted on linen canvas


How long does it take for a portrait to be completed?
It will take at least six weeks for a portrait to be completed, depending on the size, the background and the amount of subjects.

What medium do you work with?
I currently only offer oil paintings as pet portraits.

How should I send my photographs?
You can send your photos through the post or through email. For more detailed information see my photography section.

Can you paint from more than just one photo?
Yes I can paint from multiple photos if you want to include your own background or extra subjects.

My photo isn’t very clear, can you still paint from it?
Yes I will try to work out a solution for bad-quality photos. See the photography section for more information.

I’ve got a tight deadline for a special occasion, but I still want a portrait, what can I do?
Contact me to tell me how much time is left before the deadline, and I will tell you if there is enough time to complete a portrait or not. If not, then I would advise that you buy a gift voucher instead.

How much will the delivery cost?
For the UK only, delivery will cost from £20. Overseas may be more. See my delivery info page.

Can you deliver to clients overseas?
Yes this is possible, but delivery costs will vary depending on which method you choose and the size of the painting.